The Grinch concept album.

From: John Allain <John.Allain_at_Donnelley.InfoUSA.Com>
Date: Thu Jan 4 17:53:15 2001

I'm bringing this up partially since I've haven't
seen any mention in any "Subject" lines (not that
it couldnt've come up in the middle of another topic
as most things have.)

"The Grinch that stole Christmas", the new movie
may not be the greatest, But, in its attempt to
flesh out the concept to a full 90 minutes or so,
the producers made great efforts to show the life
of a Dumpster Diver. There are sets and special
effects to back this up and lines like "You'd never
believe what people throw out nowadays" and the like.

So... When a you get a chance to see it, do so, if
at least to compare notes. I actually felt slightly
embarrassed and enlightened at a couple of the lines.
The idea is that this may not be the best choice of
life to lead...

Also please see attached the new pictures of my
packed living room complete with mini-fork lift. <G>

Peace everyone.

John A.
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