PERQs for emulation (was: "Real" emulation)

From: Enrico Badella <>
Date: Tue Jan 9 03:01:09 2001

"R. D. Davis" wrote:
> Surely anyone should be able to realize that the best machine for an
> emulator is a PERQ, which, if certain AMD bit-slice processor chips
> were still being produced, we could all build. The system is user

Why are you so cruel!?!? I've been looking for a PERQ but never found
one at least here in Italy. They seem to be a UL almost like Lisp
Machines of Xerox D-machines. I would trade my 11/40 and my VAX FT 3000
for one of these!
> microprogammable, and some code for emulation, e.g., 6502 uP, IIRC,
> already exists. More than one type of emulation in microcode can be

Writing micorcode isn't a job for the faint of heart. At university we
built an 8080 using 2901 bit slices and it was quite a task but sure
was the fastest CP/M machine I've ever used; F80 was lightning fast
compared to another Z80A CP/M box.


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  Wanted, for hobbyist use, any type of PDP and microVAX hardware,software,
  manuals,schematics,etc. and DEC-10 docs or manuals
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