PERQs for emulation (was: "Real" emulation)

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Tue Jan 9 19:42:38 2001

On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Enrico Badella wrote:
> Why are you so cruel!?!? I've been looking for a PERQ but never found

Cruel? Sorry, didn't mean to be. Speaking if cruel, the person who
sold me one PERQ made me take another as a condition for being able to
buy a PERQ... life's so unfair, isn't it? Just think of the
difficulty I had driving home with two PERQ-T2 chasis, a 19" landscape
monitor and a keyboard in the back of the station wagon - it wasn't
easy to see out of the tailgate window. As to my PERQ-1A systems, the
shipping cost for them was rather cruel, and, alas, neither one is
presently running. Does anyone know where I can obtain one or more
spare SA4008 hard drives to get these PERQs running again?

BTW, if anyone's interested, before the page goes away, grab a copy of

before it goes away. It looks like a good minimal, reference for some
larger, older, drives, even though it's lacking some useful details.
BTW, I checked there a while back trying to find one of these drives,
and was told that they don't deal with them any longer.

> one at least here in Italy. They seem to be a UL almost like Lisp
> Machines of Xerox D-machines. I would trade my 11/40 and my VAX FT 3000
> for one of these!

Thanks for the offer. Alas, I must reject it - no trade... well, of
course, if you toss in a complete PDP-11/45, a Data General Eclipse
system running AOS/VS, a VAX 11/730, a pair of McIntosh MC-2000 tube
(valve) amps, and some body parts that I can't find for my car (just
because it's 29 years old is no reason for the manufacture of the
parts to have been discontinued!), and a house on a couple of dozen
acres of good, partially wooded, farm/pasture land in an area that I
like - with good well water or city water, then we can talk about a
trade for a working PERQ with lots of neat software, copies of the
schematics, hundreds of pages of PERQ-related e-mail, and copies of
other neat PERQ-relted things. See, I'm a very reasonable man who's
always willing to accept a good deal. ;-)

> Writing micorcode isn't a job for the faint of heart. At university we
> built an 8080 using 2901 bit slices and it was quite a task but sure
> was the fastest CP/M machine I've ever used; F80 was lightning fast
> compared to another Z80A CP/M box.

That sounds like a fun toy!

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