Found Apple II SCSI card

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Tue Jan 9 15:32:45 2001

Yes! I finally found an Apple II SCSI card. It was inside a //gs I
picked up at a thrift store (complete with the AppleColor RGB monitor for

Funny how you don't pay attention to certain messages until you get one of
what's being discussed yourself :)

But my questions is, I can use this in an Apple //e as well, right?

I also picked up a hard drive and some external floppies for the Mac that
was there, but I'm wondering if maybe these were used on the GS? The one
floppy is an Epson which I know is for the Mac, and the hard drive is a
Data Frame DF20. I wonder if I can use this with the GS?

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