Apple external SCSI drives

From: Neil Cherry <>
Date: Wed Jan 10 05:57:35 2001

Louis Schulman wrote:
> OK, here is a very elementary question that has always
> stumped me. Is there any difference between an external
> SCSI hard drive made for a Mac and a generic SCSI hard
> drive? Can I hook up a Mac SCSI hard drive to some other
> computer with a SCSI interface and expect it to work (after
> formatting, of course)? What about the other way around?
> For some reason or another, I have always had the
> impression that Mac drives had something different about
> them. And, they are always marketed separately.
> Enquiring minds want to know.....
> Louis

I mix and match them all the time (SCSI/SCSI-1/SCSI-2). I have MAC's and
other machines. This it eh Narrow type of course, when you get into
SCSI-3 or SCSI-2 wide I think things are a bit different.

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