Want to scrap/salvage: hi-tech equipment (populated circuit boards & equipment racks, chassies, etc.)

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Wed Jan 10 05:14:59 2001

>We are looking to salvage a quantity of populated circuit boards, 19"
>equipment racks, smaller chassies and other various hi-tech equipment over
>the next couple of weeks and need a salvage company that can work with us
>-- Southern California.

Talk to Gold'nwest Surplus, likely the ONLY salvage operation I would send
anybody to. They are in Corona, but go all over. Dave Marks is "I think"
the owner, the number is 909-340-1501.

OTOH I think they just ship circuit boards off, I don't know if they do
component level recovery. You might be better off buying a solder pot and
doing the removal yourself, then pass the remains to a salvage operation.
None that I can think of would be very willing to "subcontract" a portion
of their activity.

I live in Orange, Ca, and might be able to point you in some directions if
you want to email me directly offlist.
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