Amstrad PC1640HD20

From: John Honniball <>
Date: Wed Jan 10 06:22:45 2001

On Tue, 9 Jan 2001 11:39:20 -0500 Lawrence Walker
<> wrote:
> > I thought the keyboard was a standard IBM XT-compatible?

> Nope. I have about a 1/2 dozen of the IBM PC/XT K-Bs. Those
> hefty beasts are my favorite k-b. Also a couple of the XT/AT switch
> type. This Amstrad does have a 5-pin DIN, but the pins are
> arranged differently than on the PC.

Oh dear, how embarrassing, I was completely wrong. I had a
look at the plug on the PC1512 at home, and of course it's
a six-pin DIN plug. The outer pins in 270-degree layout
and an extra pin in the centre. I worked with one of those
machines in about 1986/7 but I'd assumed (wrongly) that the
DIN plugs were standard.

John Honniball
University of the West of England
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