NEC Multisync Color JC-1401P3A

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Wed Jan 10 20:39:15 2001

>I've got one of these too! I remembered it from my days at Intel
>when we thought no one could be able to produce a multi-sync for
>less than $1000 and NEC did it for $999. Its very flexible and built
>pretty sturdily. I will also sync on things LESS than 15Khz
>horizontal and that makes it pretty cool. I've been meaning to make
>a multiheaded connector for it so that it can be my generic "test"

        I finally found an entry at NEC's website for the monitor to
doublecheck my memory on it...had to dig quite a bit! According to
NEC's site it will do:

        QuickSpecs MultiSync
                                                         Model JC-1401P3A

                          Introduced October, 1985
September 1987

                           Screen 14.0-inch (13.0"
viewable image size)

                           CRT 0.31 mm Dot Trio

                           Max. Resolution 800 x 560 _at_ 56Hz

                           Horizontal Freq 15.5 kHz to 35 kHz

        I at one point had both this monitor and the greyscale
version of it. The Multisync GS was considerably cheaper than it's
color counterpart at the time and had a really sharp image and would
still do both the digital and analog inputs.

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