Nuke Redmond!

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Jan 11 12:28:49 2001

Jeffrey S. Worley wrote:
>The GNU folks had nearly everything complete and right but the kernel.
>Linus wrote that - a very important piece of work, but hardly an operating
>system. Linus gets more credit than he deserves in this respect, but I
>can't fault him for it - he never asked for it, and possibly to his
>personal detriment, he hasn't exploited it.

Isn't revisionist history great. :^( Simply put what a load of BS! GNU's
contribution was gcc. At the time there were some semi-nice GNU utilities,
but they pretty much fit on one floppy! Even GCC was pretty pathetic at
the time. The FACT is GNU wouldn't be where it is today IF it wasn't for
Linux! At that time we were as likely to get our utilities from BSD as we
were from GNU! BTW, 'bash' wasn't the only shell we had either.

BTW, anyone remember just how long it to Stallman to notice Linux? All
I've ever seen him do for it is cry like a big baby! I'm still not
convinced he's nothing but a Circus act! He should be acknowledging the
fact that GNU (and very likely UNIX) would be a footnote in the history
books if not for Linux!

Yes, I'm one of the people so disgusted by Stallman I'd like to see a GNU
free distro of Linux!

OTOH, if I want a secure system I run OpenBSD, and my Sparc's run Solaris.

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