Nuke Redmond!

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Thu Jan 11 14:45:47 2001

> Isn't revisionist history great. :^( Simply put what a load of BS! GNU's
> contribution was gcc. At the time there were some semi-nice GNU utilities,
> but they pretty much fit on one floppy! Even GCC was pretty pathetic at
> the time. The FACT is GNU wouldn't be where it is today IF it wasn't for
> Linux! At that time we were as likely to get our utilities from BSD as we
> were from GNU! BTW, 'bash' wasn't the only shell we had either.

Yep, I was just going to jump in and say that very thing. How quickly
people forget other excellent shells like tcsh, too.

> BTW, anyone remember just how long it to Stallman to notice Linux? All
> I've ever seen him do for it is cry like a big baby! I'm still not
> convinced he's nothing but a Circus act! He should be acknowledging the
> fact that GNU (and very likely UNIX) would be a footnote in the history
> books if not for Linux!

Richard Stallman is more interested in turning author's rights on their
head. I swear, the man would like to see copyright law burned, shredded and
mangled. I won't use GPL on any of the open source software I write (see for my version) because it irresponsibly
allows people to run with your hard work and make money off it. If I made
it free, I don't want a hacked open source version out there that's raking
in the bucks. As the author, that's *my* right.

> OTOH, if I want a secure system I run OpenBSD, and my Sparc's run Solaris.

I run AIX and NetBSD myself! :-) And, one of these days when I get my
6502-on-6502 virtual CPU implementation done, my C64 will run my own Unixy
flavour too (just to make this on-topic somewhat).

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