RISC6000 7007 POWERportable N40

From: Truthan,Larry <truthanl_at_oclc.org>
Date: Thu Jan 11 16:35:04 2001

Greeting Listers - I have been lurking as a Digest Subscriber.

Recently I had this IBM Risc/6000 7007 PowerPortable N40 fall in my lap.

On It is AIX 3.2.5.. My problem is that I am staring at a Console Login
prompt and know zilch about AIX.
 I do not know the root password. So this system is useless until I find
the exploits to circumvent the system entry, or at least learn enough to to
build a user acct..

This portable has a 1.2Gig Drive. 64M in SIMM. No diskette drive but
PCMCIA slot as well as several of the cables and and AUi port in the back to
network the beast
  I have the Risc Sytem/6000 N40 notebook workstation users guide and have
started to read through it.

This system came with the AIX 3.2.5 CD - but has no CDROM drive so I believe
I have to network it to something so I can restore the System?

The user guide mentions a Pause+R keysequence to get the box to toggle
between normal and "service" modes, emulation a physical sw on rack mounted

Can ANYONE here point me to an Exploit to circumvent root password? The
user guide tells me how to set it for the first time. The system had been
turned off long enough to forget the time, month and Year etc, -- but it
kept the root password on file.

Is there something I can do from the service mode?

Sincerely Larry Truthan
Received on Thu Jan 11 2001 - 16:35:04 GMT

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