FW: RISC6000 7007 POWERportable N40

From: Truthan,Larry <truthanl_at_oclc.org>
Date: Thu Jan 11 18:14:23 2001

I found an installed rom based diagnostic and ran through some non-invasive

One of the rom based tests lets you set up both the portables IP address and
a host machines IP address and then "Ping" Between the two. Also on this
diagnostic ping page they call out by "number" the "boot" device, which with
no link connected, defaults to "NONE". Yet there is another maintenance
screen where you can select the AUI ethernet port as the "Boot Device".

If you set the ethernet port as the boot device, and then comeback to this
screen, I wonder whether you just ping, or initiate a boot?

Obviusly I don't want to kill it until I understand how to establish a
"link" to revive it. I think I have all the tools, I just hope the AIX
CD-ROM can be loaded from a Non-AIX based server host- Perhaps just a PC
with an X windows session, or FTP HOST running.

Plinking away.

Larry Truthan
Received on Thu Jan 11 2001 - 18:14:23 GMT

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