Amstrad PC1640HD20

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Thu Jan 11 17:49:44 2001

Tony Duell skrev:

>> proprietary ? A 3 button mouse came with this 1640HD20 and I

>It's a quadrature output mouse, like an ST mouse, an Amiga mouse, PERQ 3a
>mouse, PC bus mouse, original (pre ADB) Mac mouse and so on. The
>connector pinout is specific to the Amstrad.

Pre ADB Mac... Does this mean that I could reqire this old Mac Plus mouse I've
got so that it will run with my STs and Amigas?

>Does that make it 'proprietry'? You can't plug in a normal PC serial
>mouse (the mouse port is not a serial port, or a PS/2 mouse port). And
>you'd have to rewire the connector [1] to use another quadrature mouse on
>the Amstrad. But it is the standard TTL level quadrature signals as used
>on many classic computers.

I've come to consider anything else than quadrature a kludge.

>> One of my ST mouses (mice ?) has a simple switch to change it
>> to an Amiga mouse. I also have a Kraft joystick with DE9 and

>Yes, the real difference between Atari ST and amiga mice is the wiring of
>the connector. Rearranging the wires (which is what the switch does) will
>let the same mouse work on both machines).

>A few years ago, Maplin (a UK hobbyist electronic component shop) sold
>replacement mice for the ST and Amiga. One was 2 button, the other was 3
>button. I used them as replacement mice on all sorts of machines (the
>Amstrad PC2086, the Mac+, Acorn Archimedes, etc) just by replacing the
>connector (and wiring it appropriately). Alas you can no longer get these
>very useful mice, just the much less useful PC serial type, which work on
>almost no machines that I have.

Can't one just rip out the serial chip, then?

>One day I must program a microcontroller to talk to a PC serial mouse and
>give out quadrature signals on the other side so I can use a PC serial
>mouse with many of my classic computers.

There are a lot of solutions for this on the market. The most luxurous models,
such as the Punchinello or Mroochek, even support mouse wheels.

Speaking of mouse protocols, on what principle do DECstation/VAXstation mice
work? I look forward to going graphic with my 3MAX sometime in the future, but
the UFO/puck mouse doesn't seem all that attractive, especially not at the
usual DEC prices.

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