Nuke Richmond

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Fri Jan 12 18:37:44 2001

From: Mike Ford <>
>The beauty of *nix right now is that its a bit of a chore to install, no
>formal support, etc. and that leaves the door open for consultants et al
>make money selling, installing, and supporting it. Not a bad business

I take an aside to this. The current crop of BSD and Linux flavored unix
OSs seem to be as easy to install as W9x. With one caveat, the unix
camp is steeped in 30+ years of unix culture. It is this culture that
if difficult as it's simply different! If you get past the difference
and can adopt
it's cultural language over prior biases it's fairly forthright and
simple to install.
Then again I say this as W95 was a royal PITA the first time compared to
VMS and other DEC OSs I was familiar with. Then again creating a BIOS
for CP/M was pretty intimidating at one time too.

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