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Date: Fri Jan 12 21:57:19 2001

> I take an aside to this. The current crop of BSD and Linux flavored unix
> like
> OSs seem to be as easy to install as W9x. With one caveat, the unix
> camp is steeped in 30+ years of unix culture. It is this culture that
> makes
> if difficult as it's simply different! If you get past the difference
> and can adopt
> it's cultural language over prior biases it's fairly forthright and
> simple to install.
> Then again I say this as W95 was a royal PITA the first time compared to
> VMS and other DEC OSs I was familiar with. Then again creating a BIOS
> for CP/M was pretty intimidating at one time too.
> Allison

It all depends on the person. I can install things such as Linux, OpenBSD,
Solaris, OpenVMS, MacOS and RT-11 almost with my eyes closed, and the hardest
part is waiting for the software to move from CD to HD (yes, even with RT-11).
With any Windows variant I seem to have to dedicate a minimum of one day to
cursing and fighting the garbage!

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