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From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Jan 12 21:46:34 2001

Well, one could argue that since the system's newly built each time it's
been installed, there are probably fewer than a dozen that are more than a
year or two old. It's those differences that make the *nix versions

The problem, really, is likely to subside somewhat. I perceive the problem
to have been associated more with the rapid growth of the personal computer
market than anything else.

Normally, if you buy a FORD and are substantially dissatisfied with what
you've got, when it's time to replace it, you buy from someone else. Well,
that's not so easy in this market, but, if times are tough, and FORD is the
only vendor you can afford, you hang onto what you've got, since it's the
devil you know, versus the devil you don't, and wait for a significant
change in what's available. With the swift uptake of computers and their
software as the industry grew, people had little choice but to buy what was
out there. Now that the market's nearing saturation, lots of folks will be
more judicious about what they buy, and, in fact, whether they buy at all.
Consequently, fewer people will be willing to buy the "new" stuff from the
vendor who provided the buggy stuff they don't like but can get by with,
until patches/other-fixes are offered. We inherited this tendency to buy
defective software product on defective software product from Big Blue,
which sold the hardware and leased the software. You weren't even allowed
to fix it yourself. Those days are gone, God be thanked!

Eventually, people will wise up and make the vendors fix the products
they've already sold, if they are defective. That's one reason I still use
the 10-year-old OrCAD for schematics. The newer stuff was not as capable
and orders of magnitude more costly. If I weren't able to get my licenses
for the basic Windows and Office stuff gratis, I'd continue to use the old
stuff. At least I'll have learned how to work around the bugs.


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> > Just keep in mind, that I've no axe to grind, except that I think the
> > discussion of LINUX is OT. After all, it's not 10 years old yet, right?
> >
> Actually, I think Linux first arrived in 1991. :)
> g.
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