OT! RE: Nuke Richmond (Long)

From: ajp166 <ajp166_at_bellatlantic.net>
Date: Fri Jan 12 21:28:14 2001

From: THETechnoid_at_home.com <THETechnoid_at_home.com>

>My point is that OS/2 is everything Microsoft has been saying both Win9x
>and NT are combined plus a lot (like a good, stable design). It is
>to use than any other operating system short of 9x and has a FAR better
>GUI than Windows or anything else at all.

Well, I've looked at only one version OS/2 V3 with all the goodies as of
when it came out. Ran ok and all but apps for it were a bit thin. I
plan to
play more with it once I get it running TCP/IP and a eithernic.

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