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Date: Sat Jan 13 09:27:40 2001

> - John

He proposed OpenSource-ing SunOS at Sun before going to SGI.
Sun didn't want to open up their mods to BSD and giving themselves
competition to the overly slow buggy Solaris 2.x at the time.

Basically he did what Bill Jolitz did for 386BSD. Yanked the under
30 AT&T intellectual property and copyright files and made a
BSD varient with no encumberances.

Sun was deeply in bed with AT&T at the time and this went nowhere
and a number of Sun customers swore to never go to Solaris.

(Solaris < 2.4 should be avoided due to bugs and bad performance.
Solaris 2 still requires twice the memory and cpu of SunOS4.x and
Solaris 1 (SunOS4.x + Openwindows).


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