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From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sat Jan 13 11:08:21 2001

> > When you have a LOT of unix experience they do seem about as easy to
> > install, but I am a fairly normal, knowledgable person and it took me
> > roughly 12 hours to get my first NetBSD system running on a Mac IIci as a
> > limited function Nat/firewall. I still don't "understand" much of what I
> > had to do, but the mechanics of doing it are much more familiar. Exiting vi
> > the first time I edited /etc/resolv.rc only took about an hour.
> NetBSD wasn't one of the eaisest things I've installed (on an HP/Apollo
> 400 series---ended up having to recompile my Linux kernel and calculate the
> physical layout of the drives and partition them by hand) but it was a fun
> way to spend a day (looking back, at the time I was cursing up a storm).

My NetBSD install experience started very badly with a whole host of alarming
SCSI errors because the installer still doesn't support drives greater than 1GB
(it will bomb out during the install process after a certain point). I ended
up installing the files manually with cpin and tar xvpf after slogging through
the voluminous but thorough NetBSD/mac68k FAQ. The result, of course, was an
ultrareliable server that has been wonderful, but the getting there took some

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