Funky looking mouse and other TCF stuff...

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Jan 15 14:52:38 2001

--- David Gesswein <> wrote:
> Does anybody happen to have a spare one of these? I have a AT&T
> 5620 terminal missing the mouse and I think that is the one that goes with
> it. Terminal has a DB-9 connector.
> > It is bright red, almost perfectly round,

I do. Anyone with a naked 5620 terminal, contact me off-list for a mouse. I
have more than one, but I cannot test them. Anyone want to swap a few mice
for a spare terminal? I also have a couple of ROM carts that I think are for
them (the one in my hand has a damaged label that reads, in part "...456
615MT/4425 emulation and has three 27128 unlabelled EPROMs and a few TTL parts;
somewhere, I may still have a couple of carts with some 27C512s, but I've been
recycling the EPROMs from those so I don't know if I have any left)


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