Nuke Redmond!

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Jan 15 16:42:53 2001

>That's what people who don't like MS products should do, IMHO. From what
>everybody who hates them indicates, there are plenty of options. Somebody
>ought to send Judge Jackson a copy of a transcript of this thread. Clearly,
>there is no monopoly! Apple produces a competitive GUI, right? OS/2 is
>better, it just costs a little more, right? LINUX is cheaper, right?
>Marginally anti-copetitive practices are common in the corporate world.
>Where's the problem?

        My problem with MS isnt' that it has been's
that they want you to have one choice for all of your needs...thier
products. What software companies out there have the resources to
take MS on if MS truly decided they wanted to move into that area?
MS is as close to a corporation with unlimited resources as any I can
think of. They've also become pretty good at dictating what the
hardware companies do as well due to the way they license thier
software. Sure, there are alternatives, but none that can come even
close to actually competing. There have been very few times in
history where a single company had such an impenetrable stranglehold
on an industry.

        Anyway, my 2 cents. I normally don't get into the public MS
bashing. I've used thier products for years on numerous platforms.
I guess we can all thank IBM for the current mess due to the generous
agreements they signed with MS in the beginning of IBM-PC
development. That, in my opinion, is what provided MS with the
foothold they needed, as well as the funds.

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