Gates' Greed (was: Nuke Redmond!)

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Tue Jan 16 06:58:51 2001

Something I forgot to add in my last posting. While I don't see
anything wrong with someone doing some of the things Gates did with
using Microsoft to make a fortune, I should have added that I think
that some of what he's done has also been inexcuseable - I don't
understand how a company the size of Microsoft, with all those
employees, is unable to produce an operating system that actually
works properly and isn't a nuisance to use. Also, with regards to his
persistence in pursuing monopolistic tactics: with his fortune, why
doesn't the man just give it up, sell Microsoft to someone else, in
whole or in pieces, and just enjoy life? Why does he keep working, at
Microsoft, still trying to totally dominate the market, doing work
that's of no real benefit to society? It's not like he's working at
purshuing some sort of intellectual pursuit, which would make more
sense to keep working at. It appears to be just plain greed... or,
ok, to be kind, perhaps the poor man's got an obsessive/compulsive
disorder he can't shake.

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