Unixlike, multitasking 6502 (was Re: Nuke Redmond!)

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There are quite a number of multitasking 6502 machines out there.
Homebrews and C64s are represented.

The 'distribution' is called OS/A65.

There was an early attempt for the Atari 8-bit called Mtos back in the
mid-80's. You could assign individual tasks a defined number of 'time
slices'. It was pretty neat but wasn't 'unixy'.

You might find what Andre has done with OS/A65 as a good starting point as
the source code is freely available.

Can you make a 6502-based machine 'do' virtual memory? If you can, maybe
we can port NetBSD to the Atari 8-bit. It might take a year to boot but
it would be a fun project. The way the Atari handles disk I/O makes me
think it is possible. Something like the Spartados X code substitution for
the standard SIO calls I think. Spartados X is a fantastic peice of work.
I've not seen anything that comes close to it (while maintaining
compatability with existing software that is).



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>I run AIX and NetBSD myself! :-) And, one of these days when I get my
>6502-on-6502 virtual CPU implementation done, my C64 will run my own
>Unixy flavour too (just to make this on-topic somewhat).

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