first programs

From: Dwight Elvey <>
Date: Tue Jan 16 18:08:01 2001

Cameron Kaiser <> wrote:
> > The first program I did after I got my Timex-Sinclair 1000 in
> > '82 was the same thing. I don't recall any longer where I got the
> > basic program, but it didn't have a second hand so I spent a while
> > keying it in and then 3-4 more hours trying to add the second hand to
> > it. Unfortunately, I inadvertently wiggled the machine before I was
> > finished and lost it all.
> I'm sorry, I died laughing at this point from sympathy, since a good
> thwack to my 1000's 1016 RAM pack has historically been the quickest
> way to crash the machine. :-)

 This is when I learned about using silicon grease on the
fingers of the connector. When coated, I could drop it
onto a carpeted floor from table height without loss of
data. I never tried it on a hard floor but then the first
drop wasn't intended.
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