SCreaming RD54 aka Maxtor 2190

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Jan 18 03:00:30 2001

>At 12:54 AM 1/18/01 -0700, Jim wrote:
>>Could you set it up to netboot and copy the disk over before it croaks?
>>If it was running VMS I'd suggest clustering it. I'm thinking the difference
>>in performance between having it netboot and run against an NFS disk vs
>>running against the mfm drive isn't going to be all that big.
>Probably, except that I can't get my AUI transceiver connected to the D-15
>connector and I don't have a thin-10BaseT adapter. If one of my TZ50's is

I have both some skinny AUI/10bt things, and some coax to 10bt converters.
Email me directly if interested.
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