Aquarius and Memotech MTX512

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Thu Jan 18 04:13:30 2001

>>My friend has a Mattel Aquarius computer on eBay - thought I'd mention it
since it's still cheap and may be of interest to someone that collects older
machines. It's item 1208196262 if you're inclined to check it out. I believe
it's a fairly complete setup and in good condition. I can however attest to
the fact that the seller is very repautable and very good to work with.

Hehe - I found one yesterday in a thrift store along with another ebay
perennial, the Binatone TV Master MK10 pong, boxed :)

The same shop also has the following, all for (I guess) between ukp10 and

Acorn Archimedes 3000 with monitor
Amstrad PCW9512
Amstrad PCW9512+
Amstrad PCW8256 (single drive)
Amstrad PCW8256 (twin drive)
Amstrad PCW8xxx (it's in a box so I can't see it too well)
Atari 520STe
Atari 2600 (PacMan edition, boxed)
Atari 7800 with PSU and both controllers *with* thumbpads still intact
Amiga 500+
Victor 286PC
Amstrad 386 PC (Can't remember the designation)
Apple keyboard for a compact Mac

If anyone's interested please contact me off list - the place is only 5
minutes from here.

As an aside, I picked up a Memotech MTX512 on monday (along with a boxed
Color Genie (<bounce>), boxed JVC HV-7GB MSX and Toshiba HX10) and it's a
really odd machine. For a start its 3 1/2 inches longer than my other MTX512
and has no stickers on it whatsoever apart from the name label, not even
port designations on the back. Inside looks pretty normal, except the board
is right on the left to allow access for the expansion slot but they've left
the keyboard on the right, and its an MTX500 keyboard. Haven't tested it yet
but I was told it worked.

As luck would have it I found Mr. Memotech himself down in London but he
hasn't got back to me yet!

Oh, anyone got a spare manual for a Color Genie? :)


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