operating system integrity (coming from Nuke Redmond)

From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Thu Jan 18 07:42:00 2001

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> said:
> Yea! Object Desktop is GOD'S OWN TOY. I love it! They ported it to
> Windos, but it caused lots of stability problems. The OS/2 version runs
> beautifully and I've been addicted to it for years.

I have to agree with the others in this thread... Windows is inherently
not stable, while OS/2 is.... thus Object Desktop on Windows doesn't
CAUSE instability, it merely illuminates it. I am biased, however, as
I'm a Stardock Avatar.

> My favorite component is the virtual desktop feature. I couldn't live
> without it.
> The Windows version is a program. The OS/2 version is not. It is a
> collection of Workplace Shell objects simply taking advantage of the OS/2
> Gui's object inheritance and polymorphism. Pretty darn impressive.

True, Windows doesn't provide the underpinnings to do what was possible
under OS/2.

My two most-used features are ObjectDrivescan and ObjectEdit; however,
I really do love the eye candy (Windowblinds, WindowFX, DesktopX, and

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