KIM-1 restoration advice sought

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Jan 18 08:33:46 2001


  What kind of keys does it use? The Motorola and Intel SBCS use
individual square switches and square keytops and the whole thing is only
about 1/2" high. I found a small supply of new ones in a surplus store
here. If your KIM uses the same ones I see how many are left and get them
for you.


At 07:25 PM 1/17/01 -0800, you wrote:
>I have a partially-functional KIM-1 (date code 0378) I'd like to
>(And if anyone has one in good condition to sell, I'm also interested.)
>Currently, there are two things wrong, and I'm looking for general
>advice on what if anything can be done to fix them:
>1. The keypad is pretty flakey. Several keys register erratically,
>and when they do, they bounce and report multiple times.
>The '0' key is particularly bad in this respect.
>The 'PC' key is utterly caved in. But all but the PC key
>registers in with varying degrees of retries and effort.
>I'm handy with soldering, and could remove the keypad, but
>don't have any idea how to clean / fix a keypad, let alone repair
>any broken springs, contacts, etc. Can it even be done? Has
>anyone here even seen the inside of one of these?
>2. The cassette interface doesn't read. It writes fine, the +12 supply
>showing up where it's expected (pin 8 of LM311) and +11-ish on the
>565 PLL, but I have no idea what the "normal" voltages on each pin
>are to assist in further troubleshooting. All I'm sure about is that
>output of the LM311 is not anything like what's expected, and the
>trimpot doesn't affect the PLL frequency one iota according to my scope.
>Any thoughts on how to tell what section is bad?
>Thanks for any ideas out there.
>In the meantime, I am thinking of wiring an outboard keypad and hooking
>to the application connector. Hand-wired, of course. Where else would
>you find a 3x7 matrix?
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