new additions and a sad story

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Date: Fri Jan 19 11:32:12 2001

Picked up several items for 50 cents each! I got:

mac IIci and a colour display for it.
PS/2 model 70 with NIC and...
a TRS80 data terminal DT-1. Looks just like a model 2/3 except its very light
and has no floppy drives. had two cables coming out of it, presumably for a
printer and modem of some sort. while i was bringing all this stuff up to pay
for it, a guy had mentioned to me that if i had been in an adjacent county a
few days ago, i could have gotten a lot of other computers. He said many
apples (dont know what models) where simply thrown in the dumpster because
they didnt know what to do with them. I guess the hard part is how to let non
computer types know of computer rescuing people ready to avert this kind of
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