new additions and a sad story

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Date: Sat Jan 20 08:14:51 2001

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Subject: new additions and a sad story

> for it, a guy had mentioned to me that if i had been in an
adjacent county a
> few days ago, i could have gotten a lot of other
computers. He said many
> apples (dont know what models) where simply thrown in the
dumpster because
> they didnt know what to do with them. I guess the hard
part is how to let non
> computer types know of computer rescuing people ready to
avert this kind of
> tragedy.

They have regular collections here in Ottawa, I was at the
last one and saw them haul a way a large dumpster filled to
the top. I managed to get 2 old MAC's from the bin, but
there were machines in there that I'd never seen before. It
was another push that got my collection growing and me
started with a program to get the
not-so-classic-but-reusable machines refurbished and out to
people to keep them running till they do become classics.
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