CD-ROM drive for VAXstation 3100 Model 76

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Date: Sat Jan 20 07:54:16 2001

On 2001-01-19 said:
>There are other brands which work for booting as well, such as the
>Toshiba XM-5401B, XM-5701, etc which are probably less expensive
>than the DEC branded ones and work effectively the same.
>On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, William W Webb wrote:
>> Fred, do a search for RRD40/42/43. These are the original DEC
>>CD-ROM drives that I absolutely positively know will work with
>>these boxes- they are jumperable to do 512 or 2048 byte sectors.
>>(VMS requires drives that do 512.)

Any CDROM drive that can be switched to 512 byte sectors will work on
the VAXstation. Sun computers also want 512 byte sectors, so a drive
from a Sun system is usable too. A list of drives that (might) work:

VAX compatible CD drives

Below is a list of SCSI CD drives known or believed to work with VAX
systems. The basic requirement is support for 512-byte block size.
Some information (entries marked with a "*") was extracted from the
<A HREF="">Sun CD-ROM FAQ</A> - most older
Sun workstations share the 512 byte block size requirement. The FAQ
also has additional details about some of the drives listed below,
as well as instructions on how to modify certain models of Toshiba CD-ROM
drives to change their block size.

DEC RRD40, slow, first generation CD-ROM
(*) Plextor 4x/6x/8x/10x/12x
(*) Plextor 12x/20x
PlexWriter RW 4/2/20
Most, if not all Plextor drives. See and
  check if the drive has a jumper of DIP-switch for block size.
(*) Hitachi CDR-1750S
(*) Laser Magnetic Storage International Company (LMSI) CM234, 1X
(*) Panasonic CR-503B, 2X
(*) Panasonic CD-506B, 8X
(*) Pioneer 4.4x SCSI-2
(*) Pioneer DRM600/DRM604X
(*) Sony CDU-541/561/8012
Sony CDU55

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