Who wants/needs a DEC CDROM RRD42 ? (trade or free)

From: Claude.W <claudew_at_videotron.ca>
Date: Sun Jan 21 11:00:51 2001


I dont collect DEC/VAX stuff but I have one of these here.

Cant tell ya if it works. But takes the CD in and ejects, led seems to behave normally.

I dont have the original caddy.

Someone told me to keep it for him but have not heard from him in a very long time...I cant recall who, perhaps he will read this and put his hand up...

I picked it up when I had the opportunity to empty out a VAX8350 of all its 13 boards (free for cost of shipping given away here on mailing list)

Would love to make someone happy. I have no use for this. Most probably will go into garbage soon if no takers...I have idea of its value.

Would accept a trade for anything micro 8-16 bits 197x-198x early 1990s that I could add to my collection.

See my current list at : http://computer_collector.tripod.com

Canuk Computer Collector

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