vax 4000vlc

From: Fred deBros <>
Date: Sun Jan 21 11:03:02 2001

I'm considering doing the VAXstation 4000 VLC manual next

It being the most ubiquitous box and one that takes regular 4mb simms and has a big hdd, and one that is supported on the latest netBSD V 1.5, do that! And link both pages (the 3100/76 and the 4000VLC manual) to the site, please, I would like to encourage yo to do it! Certainly your 3100/76 Manual is excellent work, it was very helpful to me, Jeff, a big THANK YOU.It matches nicely the
Do you have also the VT 1300 Manual?
Or even better: The VRE01 Manual? VRE01 being that flatpanel display (see attached!) that works on the b/w mono card in 1-bit mode I guess, not 8-bit (GPX vs SPX)

My 4000VLC's have all the fancy 256 colour framebuffer (?) and no b/w only provision, so I guess I cannot use them for that monitor unfortunaley.A good set of pix can be found on

Again: Thanks.

As to the CD I found a cr 503b = compaq 142223-201 that is listed as compatible.....lets hope it does the trick.

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