Large hard disk

From: Alex Holden <>
Date: Mon Jan 22 05:23:44 2001

I have here a large hard disk drive which I know very little about. It is
very solidly built of what looks like thick aluminium castings (with lots
of fins) which has been anodised to a kind of light grey-gold colour.
According to the bathroom scales it weighs about 37.5Kg or 85lb, and is
about 40 * 27 * 34 cm or 1'4" * 11" * 1'1" in size. There is no control
circuitry in or on the drive itself as far as I can see. The heads are
connected to two 40 pin IDC connectors on top of the unit marked CN91 and
CN92, the head motor is connected to a two pin plug marked CN93 underneath
the unit, and the platter motor (which drives the spindle directly) is
connected to a 5 pin plug marked CN94 to the left of CN93. There is an
empty space for a CN95 connector next to CN94, and there is also a
connector marked CN95 on the main drive motor itself (it looks like a
position sensor). The mounting frame is shock mounted to the base via four
rubber bushes. On the mounting frame is a label which says
"B030-4840-T031A". On the top cover panel next to the head connectors is a
label with two barcodes on it, one above the other. Below the top barcode
it says "S/N A43396 REV B0". Below the bottom barcode it says
"C/N 1A9840". On the casing above the head drive motor is another barcode
label which says "S/N 3A43396". The main drive motor has a label that says:
24V 4A

I don't have a digital camera, so no pictures I'm afraid.

Does anybody know what this drive is, how old it is, what type of machine
it was used with, what capacity it is, how much it cost when new, etc.

Also, does anyone have a use for it? I'm willing to give it away to a good
home, though I'd rather it was collected in person (from Burnley, in the
NW of England). Failing that, I'd be willing to accept the cost of the
postage (bearing in mind that it won't be cheap due to the weight) and a
reasonable contribution towards the cost of packing materials and the
effort involved in lugging the thing to the post office.

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