Making an Atari 400/800 Basic cartridge Eprom type?

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Jan 22 04:42:16 2001

>On Sun, 21 Jan 2001, Tony Duell wrote:
>> I'd be suprised if you could fit a reasonable BASIC interpretter into 2K
>> or even 4K of 6502 code....
>Woz did it with the Apple-1 and Apple ][. Integer BASIC fits inside 16
>pages of memory (1024 bytes). And it's quite capable, including low-res
>graphics routines even.

        One reason I would think Atari BASIC would be a bit larger is
the fact that it included support for all the advanced features of
the Atari hardware, such as collision detection and player-missle
graphics. You could easily do graphics with 128 colors onscreen from
within BASIC, and in fact Compute! published a demo that did just
that drawing the Atari logo, this on a bone-stock 800. This was in
contrast to C-64 BASIC which was able to directly take advantage of
few of it's features, such as the sound and graphics modes, without
the addition of things such as Simon's BASIC. Did the Atari version
of Microsoft BASIC retain the hardware access, or was it more just a
generic version?

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