386 to 486

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Mon Jan 22 08:56:54 2001

> > Does anyone have any of the 386 to 486 upgrades that plug
> > into the 386DX socket, usually using the TI 486SLC? I know Evergreen
> > made such a beast, and in fact one just went up for sale on eBay.
> > Does anyone have one they'd like to part with?
> Did TI make a 486SLC too? I thought that was an IBM-exclusive design.

They did -- I remember the upgrade kits. Dad nearly bought one but instead
fried our 386SX with a Cyrix co-processor which shorted out the board. Well,
it could have been Dad, and not the chip ;-) but we seemed to upgrade only
when Dad destroyed the computer. The 386 went up in smoke, so Dad got a
486DX/40, and then that literally burned down (the board one day just started
to warp and black wisps came out the cooling vents), so we got the P75. ;-)
The K2-450 they have now was because of Y2K fears, which turned out to be
unfounded, so my little sister has the P75. When she gets sick of it, I'll
use it to play old DOS games that Virtual PC doesn't like.

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