386 to 486

From: James Rice <jrice_at_texoma.net>
Date: Mon Jan 22 09:50:53 2001

I have on of the upgrades for 386sx to 486slc. It is an evergreen design, but only
works with certain steppings of the 386sx chip.


Cameron Kaiser wrote:

> > > Does anyone have any of the 386 to 486 upgrades that plug
> > > into the 386DX socket, usually using the TI 486SLC? I know Evergreen
> > > made such a beast, and in fact one just went up for sale on eBay.
> > > Does anyone have one they'd like to part with?
> >
> > Did TI make a 486SLC too? I thought that was an IBM-exclusive design.
> They did -- I remember the upgrade kits. Dad nearly bought one but instead
> fried our 386SX with a Cyrix co-processor which shorted out the board. Well,
> it could have been Dad, and not the chip ;-) but we seemed to upgrade only
> when Dad destroyed the computer. The 386 went up in smoke, so Dad got a
> 486DX/40, and then that literally burned down (the board one day just started
> to warp and black wisps came out the cooling vents), so we got the P75. ;-)
> The K2-450 they have now was because of Y2K fears, which turned out to be
> unfounded, so my little sister has the P75. When she gets sick of it, I'll
> use it to play old DOS games that Virtual PC doesn't like.
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