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From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Tue Jan 23 01:12:37 2001

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Mark Gregory wrote:

> I spent an enjoyable weekend dissassembling, cleaning, and re-assembling a
> 433MP (introduced 1990, so just on-topic). It came from an industrial


> - the system has 2 x 486/33 processor cards installed - one base CPU card,
> and one CPU/SCSI card. The system can hold up to 4 processor cards; were
> there any OSes that could use 4 processors at a time? Is it worth hunting
> down two extra CPU cards?
> - the processor cards use Intel 80486 DX chips at 33 Mhz. I dimly recall
> that the 80486DX2/66 is a drop in replacement for the 80486DX33. Can I get a
> quick speed boost by swapping the processor chips?

This can't be from 1990. I remember soiling my shorts over a 386/DX-40 in
1992. As far as I know, the 486 wasn't introduced until a couple years

I reserve the right to be wrong on this :)

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