eBay Dash30fx

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Thu Jan 25 17:01:27 2001

>I'd love to see it run at 50 mhz... but it's a very sweet box.
>Too bad I can only run Apple's A/UX or Mac OS 7.x.

Ebay bid is back down to $41, some newbie retracted a $300 bid (which tells
us the other guy is one bid increment below $250).

I have one of the two IIfx speed toys I want, a Newer clock chipper, but I
still am looking for the Tokamac 68040 board. The CC is pretty good at
getting boards running as fast as they can, small software controlled speed
increments, with dynamic changes to stock speed for certain operations etc.

The *nix problem are the 6502 controlled serial ports, I think. How hard
could it be to write drivers or whatever to resolve the issue?
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