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From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Fri Jan 26 14:44:40 2001

Even when you find what you want, it can be difficult to get the computers
shipped. I have some computers in New Jersey that I want, does anyone happen
to know of a good company that would handle packanging and shipping the
computers to Minneapolis? Is it best to have some freight company
ship them on pallet? I'm concerned about protecting the front panel
switches on a pair of DEC CPU's.

Oh, and Suns are as common as dirt. Sun 3's might be getting harder to find,
as most have been tossed by now. SLC, ELC, IPC, IPX, these types of
Sun workstation should be trivial to find and extremely reasonable to
purchase and to ship. A genuine Sun brand monitor would be a bit difficult
to ship of course.

Though I dont see whats 'wrong' with buying the computers you want. since
when is a hobby required to be without expenses? as long as expenses are
withing whatever dollar amounts you consider reasonable for your miscellaneous
entertainment expenses, then go for it. if you think you'll never get anyone
to buy the junk from you for any amount of money in the future, yet you still
are willing to pay the cash, then go for it. Its still a free country, the
democrats havent figured out how to spend ALL our money yet...

-Lawrence LeMay

> Mike Kenzie skrev:
> >I agree it's not sporting to buy a machine, unfortunately
> >I'm still looking for a BC18z VAX cable for my VAXstation
> >and am getting tempted to buy one when from e-bay to
> >complete a machine.
> >I've spent more on the shelves to hold the machines than on
> >the machines themselves
> Sporting or not, there is no real way for some of us to get at our machines
> than to buy them. Obtaining a Sun seems quite impossible, save for buying it
> from eBay. There simply seems to be no infrastructure for disseminating
> workstations to the masses around here, unless you happen to work at Ericsson
> or study at a technical faculty. I once bought a DECstation at 500 kr, but
> when it broke down, my only alternative was to get one from eBay, but at only
> half the price.
> This is not only the case with exotic computers, but even rather plain
> workstations, unless you happen to have contacts or the right
> infrastructure.
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