Machines I'm looking for...

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Jan 26 16:44:10 2001

>Even when you find what you want, it can be difficult to get the computers
>shipped. I have some computers in New Jersey that I want, does anyone happen
>to know of a good company that would handle packanging and shipping the
>computers to Minneapolis? Is it best to have some freight company
>ship them on pallet? I'm concerned about protecting the front panel
>switches on a pair of DEC CPU's.
>Though I dont see whats 'wrong' with buying the computers you want. since

The "wrong" is when it makes the hobby less "fun". A fair part of what
makes it "fun" for me is to bargain hunt, and unrelated to cost is that its
LOTS of fun to open stuff up and see whats inside. Just ordering something
ruins both of those fun parts for me. YMMV

There are two kinds of shipping, one that messes up your stuff, and one
thats real expensive and still may mess up your stuff. Road trip is my
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