OT memory too cheap to pass up

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Fri Jan 26 23:03:29 2001

healyzh skrev:

>> > I know this is off topic, but I figure some of you may not know how low
>> > memory prices have dropped. I just bought a 256 MB stick of PC133 for
>> > $65, with lots of other similar deals around. (now I just need a Tbird
>> > and a KT133A chipset motherboard so I can speed around with it).
>> Thanks for making me even more depressed ($80 for 64MB of Mac FPM DIMMs).
>> :-P

>Let me cheer you up, $515 for 128MB kit for an AlphaStation 500/333, or
>Sparc 5 RAM 32MB $50-100, or Sparc 20 RAM at about $1.50-2.00 per MB. Of
>course it's the AlphaStation RAM I need the most followed by at least a
>couple sticks of 64MB Sparc 20 RAM. BTW, the Sparc RAM prices listed above
>take eBay into account on the low end! Then there is the 8MB VSIMM I want
>for my Sparc 20, it's about $240.

>Of course I could also use some of the Mac DIMMs you mention for my 8500/180,
>since I use it for Audio work.

>I'm almost tempted to pickup some PC133 RAM despite the fact I don't need it
>and stuff it in my G4/450 (already has 256MB). I could almost use it there
>(Photoshop would like it) I don't have any use for more RAM in my Linux box.

Now, to make this on topic, there have been memory module converters before.
For the Amiga 3000, which used exotic ZIP (not the moderately common SIPP)
modules, there have been SIMM->ZIP converters for a long time. Our hardware
guy said he would try to build one for our next meeting, so that we may get
some use out of our newly-restored A3000. Similarly, it is possible to wire
72-pin SIMMs into 64-pin ones (used on GVP equipment and certain Macs and
addon boards). Why shouldn't it be possible to make SDRAM to SIMM adapters?

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