OT memory too cheap to pass up

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Date: Fri Jan 26 23:30:48 2001

> Now, to make this on topic, there have been memory module converters before.
> For the Amiga 3000, which used exotic ZIP (not the moderately common SIPP)
> modules, there have been SIMM->ZIP converters for a long time. Our hardware
> guy said he would try to build one for our next meeting, so that we may get
> some use out of our newly-restored A3000. Similarly, it is possible to wire

Sure I've got one for my A3000, it was a lot cheaper than getting ZIP's.

> 72-pin SIMMs into 64-pin ones (used on GVP equipment and certain Macs and
> addon boards). Why shouldn't it be possible to make SDRAM to SIMM adapters?

ISTR, when the 72-pin SIMM's came out you could get converters to use your
old RAM, likewise you used to be able to get converters that would turn 4
1MB SIMMs into 1 4MB SIMM.

I don't know the techincal difficulties it would cause, but one problem I
see is the speed of the RAM. For example, I've got a HP5MP printer, it
takes 72-pin SIMMs. If you stick 60ns ones it, it won't be able to use
them, but it loves 70ns ones. Then there is the issue of supply and demand,
there just isn't the demand for such a product.

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