Collecting and taxes

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Jan 30 07:47:01 2001

> Interesting question though -- "should the tax people visit my site they
> might think I'm making a living from buying and selling machines" -- what
> if the "site" in question is a web site? Can the revenooers use what they

> see on a web site against the owner? :-)

Web sites currently don't enjoy the protection they should.

If you painted a picture of Superman on your bedroom wall,
because you like Superman and want people who come to your
bedroom to know you like Superman, that's fair use doctrine.

If you put a picture of Superman on your web site, and DC
Comics sees it, you'll get a cease-and-desist letter from
DC lawyers. And if you don't comply, you're in court. That's
because the law isn't making distinctions between corporate
and personal/private web sites, but it should. My personal
home page is a virtual bedroom wall.

Enough of that, we're swinging way off topic again.

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