Please help identify S-100 boards

From: Rich Beaudry <>
Date: Tue Jan 30 08:13:59 2001

Hello all,

I just obtained three S-100 boards that I thought were floppy controllers,
but on inspection, may be something altogether different. I have no
documentation on these boards, so here's the description:

All three are marked "DYSAN (c) 1982"

Two are marked "Wear Tester Cert. Bd."

One is marked "Model V TrackWriter Certifier Sub."

All three have 34-pin and 50-pin connectors, and all three look to be the
same PCB layout, but with different components present or absent, and
slightly different silkscreenings. For example, the two "Wear Tester"
boards have ByteDAC chips in two sockets, but the "Model V" has those
sockets empty. Most of the other chips on the boards are either standard
"74" logic, or Op-Amps, or the aforementioned ByteDAC chips. All three also
have a National LH0032CG in a can (don't know if that's significant or not).

If anyone can identify these boards, or more importantly provide
documentation (including schematics), I would surely appreciate it! I am
willing to trade $$$ for information...


Rich B.

P.S. I'm a digest subscriber, so I will not reply immediately if you send to
the list....
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