Sharp PC7000

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Tue Jan 30 19:42:07 2001

Upon the date 09:05 PM 1/29/01 -0500, said something like:
>On 27-Jan-2001 Christian Fandt wrote:
>> Hey folks, who's got one of the above subject machines? I found one
>> over at the Salvation Army store.
>> Looks very clean and complete: has the Operator's manual in a slipcase,
>> MSDOS manual (DOS v.2.1), keyboard, printer, vinyl slipcover, cables,
>> some floppies of s/w. They want $50 for it which is probably a little
>> high. Maybe I can negotiate it down to something better.
>Way to much. While that's a nice looking computer (I have a fondness for
>lunchbox style "portables") it is "worthless" in that you won't be able to
>run a "modern" OS on it. Offer to free up the wasted space it's
>occupying. :)

Of couse it's understood that I couldn't go "modern" except for Minix and
perhaps one or two other interesting small systems of recent release. I
would try to try to get it cheaper if I get a chance to visit again before
closing time as it's been there since 4 January. They often will come down
nicely after an object's been on the floor for several weeks or more.

>Flame preventer: I know that one could do a lot of useful work/play with
>this computer (DOS, wordstar, kermit, telemate, Zork, Pirates!). It
>probably runs Xenix and Minix pretty well.

I would likely indeed run DOS and my good old Wordstar on it if I nabbed it.

Regards, Chris
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