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From: no <oliv555_at_arrl.net>
Date: Fri Jun 1 00:05:29 2001

Just saved these PDP11 related docs from being dumped. 1st come, 1st
served, you pay postage. Priority to individual requests, ie: anyone
wanting "all of them" can have all that remain unclaimed after 24 hrs
(Sat morning).

Not wanting to offend anyone, just going from prior experience and my
wish to fill as many individual "want" lists as possible.
Please direct your requests off-list to oliv555_at_arrl.net. Thanks.

- BM873-YA Restart loader Engineering Drawings (no cover sheet)

- DLV11-J (M-8043) SLU Users Guide

- FP11-B floating-point processor engineering drawings

- KB11-A (11/45) CPU Maint. Manual

- LPV11-V (M8027) Field Maint. Print Set

- LP11 line printer manual

- LP11/LS11/LA11 line printer manual

- (5) MF11-u/up (core) Memory Engineering Drawings
         one set has the original cover, other 4 are missing cover

- MS11-C bipolar memory (1k) engineering drawings

- MS11-E Engineering drawings (M-7847) (missing cover)

- PC04/PC05 paper-tape reader/punch maint manual

- PDP 11/45 MS11 Semiconductor Memory Systems Maint. Manual

- RK05-J Engineering drawings (no cover)

- CR11 kit: CR11/CM11 card reader system manual
            CR11 card reader engineering drawings (missing cover)
- LP05 kit: Dataproducts 2230 (LP05) Tech manual
            Dataproducts 2230 Logic Diagrams

- RLxx kit: RL01/02 User Guide
            RL01/02 Technical Manual (prelim.) (in a 3-ring binder)

- RT11 kit: Intro to RT11 (v03)
            RT11 System Generation Manual (v03b)
            RT11 System Release Notes (v03b) (in a 3-ring binder)

I expect most will fall into the basic $3.50 USPS priority rate, a few
may be a bit more. Enjoy :>)

        ..... nick o
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