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From: Cheryl O'Brien <feryl_at_bigpond.com.au>
Date: Fri Jun 1 00:09:18 2001

Dear sir
I,m write to you about a lap top computer,Taht i,ve found on a job site they where beening disgared so i kept one.
But the poeblm with it is I get a (ple wait) come up then it go to (- ) then it run a driver then stop.
I think the programs have been deleaded , i was wondering if i could get a restart programs for it could you help me the model is a Amstrad PPC640S portable personal computer . If you can help me i would be very happle.
My email adress is austn29j_at_icqmail.com
Anything to help would be good.
                          from Rodney
                           Thank you
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