Apollo 735/50 in SoCal

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Fri Jun 1 17:16:41 2001

>At 12:09 AM 6/1/01 -0700, you wrote:
>>UC Irvine surplus just had a big batch of Apollo computers show up, nasty
>>feeding frenzy on the HP 4033A monitors,
> ^^^^^^^^^ nice. I have one,

I was VERY close to being "impolite" as the 4 pigs that got to the place
first had each made a horde of the various items, including one guy with 4
of the 4033A monitors. I made the suggestion that if just one of them
couldn't be shared to me, maybe I would just make a cash offer for one to
the guy running the scrap yard. I choose to live, but it really annoyed me
that these guys not only hogged them all, but duped the scrap guy into
thinking they weren't very valuable.

>> but a few 735/50's are left as well as HP 2094 monitors.
>The A2094 are nice too, but fixed freq. and heavy; they
>have trinitron tubes.
>However, I think that what you are describing as "HP735/50"
>are actually "715/50"; the 735 came in 99 and 125MHz varieties
>only. Still, the 715's are ok.

OK, I'll split the difference with you, HP 725/50 PA-Risc machines. I
bought four of them, and may pick through parts on a few more next Tuesday
when I pick them up (ran out of time the other day). I booted a couple of
them up, including a 715/33 and they were running HP-UX version 3.08 I
think. They all had passwords etc., but I have the CD set, so I should be
able to just reinstall etc.
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