Apollo 735/50 in SoCal

From: Carlos Murillo <cmurillo_at_emtelsa.multi.net.co>
Date: Sat Jun 2 08:46:43 2001

At 03:16 PM 6/1/01 -0700, you wrote:
>>However, I think that what you are describing as "HP735/50"
>>are actually "715/50"; the 735 came in 99 and 125MHz varieties
>>only. Still, the 715's are ok.
>OK, I'll split the difference with you, HP 725/50 PA-Risc machines. I
>bought four of them, and may pick through parts on a few more next Tuesday
>when I pick them up (ran out of time the other day). I booted a couple of
>them up, including a 715/33 and they were running HP-UX version 3.08 I
>think. They all had passwords etc., but I have the CD set, so I should be
>able to just reinstall etc.

Probably HPUX 9.08; if there ever was 3.08 that would have
been ancient and certainly not for PA RISC. Now, the 725's
have PARISC 7000 cpus; they won't be supported by the
PA-RISC Linux port when it is available. But they will run
HPUX 9 - 10.2. The 715's are actually newer, and they
should run HPUX 9-11 and Linux; I think they are PA-RISC 7200?
The 735/99 is PA-RISC 7100 (the minimum for Linux) and the
735/125 is PA-RISC 7150 . This is from memory so I could
be wrong.

Oh, and before I forget: there is NextStep for these machines
as well.

They are all good machines in any event. If you ever come across
a 735/125 (or 99) grab them; they have stereo audio and are
twice as fast.


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